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Pellets are safe for the environment and are 100% natural, renewable fuel.  They are held together by lignin, which is a natural substance occurring in wood fibers that acts as a glue when compressed. It’s so safe; it’s also used as a binding agent in animal feed pellets.  Pellets fuel has been proven to be the cleanest burning type of wood fuel you can use. The U.S. EPA wood burning limit of particulates is 7.5 grams per hour - but Avalon pellet stoves only exhaust on average 1.2 grams per hour! This is truly a fuel source as good for the environment as it is for you.  Pellet fuel is extremely price competitive.

Your Avalon pellet appliance is designed, engineered and built to the highest standards in the world. We do not cut corners to save costs. We only use the highest quality materials, heavy-duty steel and high-tech tested components in our Avalon pellet appliances. And we stand behind our appliances with our “REAL WORLD” Limited Seven Year Warranty.

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Our Most Popular Stoves and Inserts

Avalon-All-Grade-Pellet-InsertThe AGP Pellet insert is now here!!  Come on into our store at 449 Danbury Rd. to take a look at our display model.  Check out some of these new features:  The New "All Grade Pellet" feed system is self cleaning and designed to burn multiple grades of wood pellets.  Unique horizontal rotary disk feed system (HRD) delivers pellets without jamming, overfeeding or burn backs.  Hopper size allows for more than 1 bag of pellet fuel, 40-70 lbs.  Low maintenance design for easy ash removal, utilizing ash pan.  Three inch exhaust for low cost installation!





Avalon-All-Grade-Pellet-StoveAvalon AGP Pellet Stove - The Avalon AGP pellet stove offers all the benefit of wood heating plus fuel that is clean, compact and easy to use.  The pellets are made from all-natural wood by-products.  They are safe fro teh environment and are a renewable resource.  The AGP pellet stoves unique Horizonal Rotary Disc (HRD)  feeding system is designed to efficiently burn all grades of wood pellets to produce a quick, convenient heat.  The EPA has certified the AGP as extremely clean burning - producing less than 1 gram of emissions per hour making our appliance exempt from State mandated burn bans.  



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