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* Gorgeous Designs * Huge Selection * Enormous Views of the Fire * High Quality * Durable Materials * Flawless Fit and Finish * Award-winning Designs and Technologies *
The above reasons are why you should cloose a Wood Insert or Fireplace by Fireplacextrordinair.  FPX wood fireplaces and inserts feature smokeless start-up and reloading, a built-in convection system, impressive heat output, and maximum efficiency / minimal emissions.  FPX backs up its appliance performance with an unparalleled 7-year warranty that assures you of a reliable back-up heat source when you need it. 
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Our Newest Addition
FPX Small Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert -  The Small Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre insert is a compact sized unit that can fit where most inserts never have before.  Its size is perfect for smaller masonry and zero clearance fireplaces with its 14" depth and 1.2 cubic foot firebox.  It features a never before seen flue connection with a detachable flue collar that makes for quick and easy installations that are typically very difficult with a unit of this size.  A large fire viewing glass area is surrounded by a rectangular door and a concealed blower that increases the heat transfer up to 1,000 square feet.  The Small Flush Wood insert is extremely efficient and clean-burning because it features he world's cleanest burning technology, Hybrid-Fyre.  Hybrid-Fyre allows this unit to run at 76% overall efficiency and produce only .89 grams of emmissions per hour, emitting virtunally no smoke or carbon monoide.  
Our Most Popular Fireplaces and Inserts:
Large Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre (Arch or Rectangular) - This large fireplace insert features the exclusive clean burning Hybrid-Fyre Technology.  Hybrid Technology is a fusion of known wood combustion (kiln fired firebrick, stainless baffles, and stainless steel secondary combustion air tubes) with the addition of our catalytic assist technology.  Primary combustion burn occurs in the firebox with our secondary tubes re-burning gases before they leave the firebox, we are then making those same gases pass through a catalytic combustor leaving virtually no smoke to exit the appliance.  The net resut is this super clean burning insert, with emissions of just .58 grams per hour.  Our overall efficiency for this Large Flush Wood Hbrid-Fyre insert is over 80%.  What this means is more heat from less wood, and greater savings on your heating cost!  This insert will heat up to 2,500 sq feet wiht up to 10 hour burn times.  The large firebox is 3.0 cubic feet in size and will accomodate a 24" log.  This insert will fit into many fireplace openings an is approved for both masonry and zero clearance fireplaces and also features a bypass damper for smoke free firestarting and reloading.  The large viewing area is aaccomplished by having a huge single cast ireon door, giving the unit 319 sq. inches of glass.  This unit comes standards with twin 90 CFM convection fans to increase heat output and efficiency.
33 Elite Plus Arch Insert - The high-performance heat and superior design of this fireplace insert are truly out of the ordinary.  Our exclusie flush-to-the fireplae design enhances the beautiful lines with a classic fireplace and provides modern heating efficiency.  The huge view of the fire through our large, single door remains clear thanks to our air wash system.  The 33 Elite Plus also features a variable speed, high volume blower which can utilize the hard-wiring option kit to preserve the classic good looks of your existing fireplace wihtout a power cord showing on the hearth.  Heat a room or a home up to 2,000 square feet with less wood and longer burn times and is designed to be installed in both masonry and zero clearance wood burning fireplaces.  
44 Elite Wood Fireplace - The catalytic 44 Elite ZC wood fireplace is perhaps the finest fireplace ever created as it acts like a furnace.  It features EPA approval and Posi-Pressure heating through a quiet, remotely located 338 CFM fan which circulates the heat throughout the home.  The 44 Elite ZC also has an optional firescreen so you can use your fireplace with the doors open when you are not using the Elite to heat.  After you've taken one looo you can see why this is the only fireplace line that can be called extrordinary!
Fireplacextrordinair-36-Elite-Fireplace-with-Artisan-Face36 Elite Wood Fireplace - The smaller version of the 44 Elite, this catalytic wood fireplace, heats like a furnace and always attracts admiring glances.  It features high efficiency cheery flamesand Posi_pressure heating through a quiet, remotely located 388 CFM fan which circulates the heat throughougt the home.  The 36 Elite also has an optional firescreen so you can use your fireplace with the doors open when you are not using the Elite to heat.  

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